Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Grey Knights cloned components

Bueno aqui dejo las fotos del resultado de mis últimas clonaciones, en concreto, de componentes de los nuevos Caballeros Grises. Cuando se les coge el punto, puedes obtener piezas con un gran grado de detalle, que una vez pintadas, no se nota que son clonadas.

Well here I leave some photos of my latest result of cloning, in particular, components of the new Grey Knights. With this, you can get parts with a high degree of detail, once painted, it does not seem to be cloned.

Nota legal:
Clonar componentes originales para tu uso personal, no es ilegal.
Clonar componentes originales con animo de lucro, si es ilegal. 

Clone original components for your personal use, is not illegal.
Clone original parts for profit, is illegal.


  1. wow your heaps pro man!

  2. Yes. It is bicomponent resin and molds,I made them with liquid silicone. Whenever possible, I will upload a tutorial on how to make molds.